Pathogen kit

   Pathogen Detection
   Rapid and Reliable Results
   Solus Pathogen Detection System  offer   food testing laboratories a  highly efficient method for the  detection of Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli O157 in food and environmental samples. Presented in an immunoassay format, our pathogen tests are versatile and can be used manually or in conjunction with automation. Our tests are robust, reliable, and validated by AFNOR to ISO 16140 and/or through AOAC performance tested method (PTM) or Official Method of Analysis (OMA) schemes.

   Solus One Assays
   Our Solus One assays retain all the  benefits of our original ELISA assays whilst delivering faster time to results. Optimized media allows for a single selective enrichment step, reducing the total incubation time from 48 to 24 hours. You’ll get next-day results and a highly efficient automated assay, which significantly reduces hands-on time.

Efficiency is Everything
Our instrumentation enables assay processing to become fully automated – from start to finish – providing a system that allows high throughput for increased efficiency and productivity. Benefits also include:
• A user-friendly, walk-away system that allows technicians greater flexibility
• Increased sample throughput per technician
• The utilization of 2 x 96 microwell plates in a single run
• Maximized space in your lab
• Sample traceability
• Easy results transfer to LIMs