Simplate Yeast & Mold

SimPlate® Yeast & Mold CI

BioControl, Quantitative results for yeast and mold from food and environmental samples in just 56-72 hours

Synonym: Y&M-CI (Color Indicator)


General description

SimPlate for Yeast and Mold Color Indicator (Y&M-CI) method is used for the detection and quantification of yeast and mold in foods. It is based on Binary Detection Technology (BDT) which equates the presence of yeast and mold to the presence of a color change in the medium. The medium/sample mixture is dispensed into a SimPlate device, and incubated for a minimum of 56 h. The medium changes color in the presence of yeast and/or mold. The yeast and mold count is determined by counting the wells with changed color and referring to the SimPlate Conversion Table. The SimPlate device is packaged separately.


AOAC Official Method 2002.11

Features and Benefits

• Proprietary chromogenic media and patented plating device with isolation wells combine to produce easily counted results and eliminate problems typically associated with mold overgrowth.
• While other methods require duplicate plating of samples, SimPlate has been validated to provide equivalent results with just a single plate. Combined with the reduction of necessary sample dilutions, made possible by the broad counting range of the plate (1-738), SimPlate reduces the number of tests required for each sample, helping to reduce overall testing costs.


66007-100, 66007-500

Testing Method

Binary Detection Technology

Other Notes

Required for use: SimPlate Device (65009BC), Recommended for use: Supplement A (63011BC)

Legal Information

Binary Detection Technology is a trademark of BioControl Systems, Inc.

SimPlate is a registered trademark of BioControl Systems, In




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