​PUR-Blue™ Swabs

PUR-Blue™ Swabs

Small or large polyurethane foam tipped swabs  ​resist tearing and fraying.

Product Information

•  Suitable for sampling from crevices up to 1 ft²
•  Large tip for pathogen detection or plating multiple tests
•  Small tip for delivering 1 ml directly to plate or film
•  Available with a variety of collection solutions in 1, 5 & 10 ml formats
Large Swab for Qualitative Testing, 100/case
HiCap Neutralizing Broth 1.5 ml
D/E Neutralizing Broth 1.5 ml
Letheen Broth 1.5 ml

Large Swab for Quantitative Testing, 100/case
HiCap Neutralizing Broth 5 ml
HiCap Neutralizing Broth 10 ml
Letheen Broth 5 ml
Letheen Broth 10 ml
Neutralizing Buffer  5 ml
Neutralizing Buffer 10 ml
Dry swab – for wet surfaces or add preferred solution
Small Swab  
HiCap Neutralizing Broth 1 ml
Letheen Broth 1 ml




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