PUR-Blue™ DUO Swabs

PUR-Blue™ DUO Swabs
Collection and Enrichment combined into one single swab device.

Product Information

•  Sample collection and enrichment in 1 device
•  Eliminates transfer step saving time and labor
•  Reduces enrichment media costs
•  More cost effective than sponge sampling devices

1.5 ml Collection solution / 9 ml Enrichment Broth
HiCap Neutralizing Broth / Buffered Peptone Water
HiCap Neutralizing Broth / Demi-Fraser Broth
HiCap Neutralizing Broth / UVM
D/E Neutralizing Broth / Buffered Peptone Water
D/E Neutralizing Broth / Demi-Fraser Broth
D/E Neutralizing Broth / UVM




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