NovaLock™ Dilution Bottles

NovaLock™ Dilution Bottles
Ready-to-use 90 ml and 99 ml fill volumes ​for convenient sample preparation.
     NovaLock™ Bottles are designed to be the easiest and most convenient dilution bottle available. No shrink wrap to remove and no strips to pull. The patented lockdown technology keeps the lid firmly in place during shipping and storage. The bottles can be easily and aseptically opened by simply pressing upward on the lockdown tab. Color-coded tamper evident labels identify the type and volume of diluent in the NovaLock dilution bottle. The 1 ¾ inch (4.3 cm) wide opening makes it easy to add even bulky powder samples to the NovaLock dilution bottle.

NovaLock Dilution Bottles  
Butterfield’s Phosphate Buffer  90 mL,99 mL
Buffered Peptone Water (ISO) 90 mL,99 mL
Peptone Water 90 mL,99 mL
Demi-Fraser Broth 99 ml
Phosphate Buffer + MgCl,  99 m



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