Gluten-Check ELISA

Imutest Gluten-Check ELISA


Imutest Gluten-Check ELISAs are quantitative assays offering a sensitivity (Limit Of Detection) of 1 part per million gluten or less. The kits are available in 3 sizes, containing 48-, 96- or192- wells, and are therefore suitable for use in high and low volume testing laboratories.

The assay has been designed to measure cereal gluten at low mg/kg (PPM) levels; the range of the assay is nominally between 5 & 110 mg/kg (PPM) if the stated extraction and dilution ratios are used. The range can be extended upwards by amending these ratios and in some matrices that require less preparation it may be possible to lower the assay range substantially. The specified Limit Of Detection (LOD) of the assay is well below 1PPM gluten; it can be used to test food raw materials or ingredients; surface & environmental swab samples and in-process or finished food products.

The assay detects the omega gliadin fraction of wheat as a marker of total gluten and was originally developed by Skerritt & Hill for higher level gluten detection (AOAC Final Action Method 991.19).



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